Happy New Year

We celebrate our 15Oth anniversary this year with several special events being planned

Of course, the most important event in 1872 was the founding of Whitehouse & Grange Bowlng Club in Hope Terrace  but what else  happened in 1872. Just a short distance away there  was a match played out between the United South of England and the Gentlemen of Edinburgh, organised by Carlton Cricket Club. This  marked Dr. W. G Grace’s first match in Scotland (scored only 25 runs, with over 3,000 paying spectators. No doubt some founder W&G club members attended this match? 

Meanwhile, the Grange Cricket  Club moved to Raeburn Place The club named themselves Grange after the area in which they were started playing in 1832 on a field  little further east to the current Carlton ground. Edinburgh and Glasgow first met under the then 20-a-side Rugby rules.Two of the Glasgow team, Tom Chalmers and Willie Cross, had an intriguing decision to make that week – should they play against Edinburgh at rugby or play against England in the first-ever soccer international a week later at Hamilton Crescent a match that end 0-0? In the inaugural FA cup  tournament , Wanderers in the semi- final took on Queen’s Park who, due to a combination of walkovers and byes, had reached this stage without actually playing a match. The rules stated that from the semi-final stage onwards matches would be at Kennington Oval.  After being held to a 0–0 draw, Queens Park  could not afford to make the trip from Glasgow for the  replay and withdrew from the competition, sending Wanderers into the final where they beat  Royal Engineers. 

Cremorne won the Derby,  Casse Tete won the Grand National ,Tom Morris won The Open at Prestwick. Cambridge won the boat race. Rangers Football Club  was founded and played their first match against the now defunct Callander.  At Lord’s, the first half hour of MCC‘s innings against Surrey saw seven batsmen return to the pavilion, without a run on the board.

Queen Victoria was on the throne  and unveiled  the Albert Memorial in memory of her husband Prince Albert . William Gladstone was the Prime Minister  and and James Ulysses Grant was president of the USA. Victoria Woodhull became  the first woman nominated for President of the United States, although she was a year too young to qualify and did not appear on the ballot.

Yellowstone the world’s 1st national park opened  Licensing Act established licences for public houses and limits to drinking hoursNotable births included Bertrand Russell, (philosopher, mathematician), Heath Robinson (inventor)  and Ralph Vaughan Williams (composer) Greyfriars Bobby, faithful Scottish terrier died with the  monument being erected a year later 

The first edition Chambers’s English Dictionary  was  published by William and Robert Chambers. Phileas Fogg started his “ fictional’ round the world in eighty days journey from the Reform Club.  Charles Darwin‘s study The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals was published along with Thomas Hardy’s anonymous romantic novel Under the Greenwood Tree. In a display of the bold commercial acumen of the Victorian age, The Scotsman was, in 1872, the first British newspaper to run special early-morning, high-speed trains to deliver its papers from Edinburgh to Glasgow.

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