Coronation Pairs – 6th May

John Cameron is organising our Club “Coronation Pairs”competition on 6th May commencing at 14:00. So far 27 members have put their names down but there is still scope to participate. Put your name down at the Club or contact John Cameron or Gill Brown.

BBC has waived the licence fee for the day, so the television can be restored to the bar area for the day for those who may wish to watch the Coronation at the Clubhouse.

At approximately 16:00 , after we finish bowling, Club President Soosan Danesh will plant a commerative tree “Davidia involucrata” followed by a celebration tea in the Clubhouse . The tree is sponsored by Find Your Stride

Davidia involucrata, also called dove tree, handkerchief tree and ghost tree, is a flowering tree with showy bracts surrounding the flowers. Reddish purple flowers in rounded clusters bloom in April-May, which is very impressive. Each flower head is accompanied by a pair of large, pure white flower bracts at the base performing the functions of petals. On breezy day, the bracts flutter in the wind like white doves or pinched handkerchiefs, hence the name for the tree.

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