Whitehouse  & Grange promotes the sport of bowls  for both men and women. The Club was formed in 1872 adding the Ladies Section in 1969. Membership entitles the use of all facilities of the Club including entry to club competitions and to represent the Club in matches and external competitions.

The Club continues to be part of the social fabric of the  local community  and alongside the nearby Carlton Cricket Club provides sporting facilities for all . It is a member of the Grange Association


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The season  runs from mid – April to mid-September

  Social events during the winter months

The Club is affiliated to the following associations enabling it to participate in their league  and other knock out competitions for Gents, Ladies and Seniors. Additionally, the Club organises several friendlies and its own internal competitions.

Bowls Scotland (BS)

Edinburgh and Leith Bowling Association (ELBA).

Edinburgh Bowling League (EBL)

Edinburgh Top Ten

South Edinburgh Seniors Bowling Association (SESBA)

East of Scotland Women’s Bowling Association (ESWBA)

Edinburgh Women’s Bowling Association (EWBA)

South Edinburgh Ladies Bowling Association (SELBL)

The Scottish Bowlers’ Fellowship








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