W&G Open Invitation events

The Club holds two open invitation  events thanks to  our sponsors William Purves and  Moncrieff Building & Roofing Due to COVID these were not held in 202o but we remain optimistic that we can resume them in 2021

Purves Triples


The Purves Triples for 2021 is provisionally scheduled for Saturday 11th September .  Due to COVID 19, this year we shall limit participation to no more that 12 teams . ( subject to confirmation and a final decision  by the Club Management Committee after 9th August) 

Recent winners:

2019 Parkside


2018   Maitland

2017   Bainfield

2016   Parkside

2015  Willowbrae

2013  Whitehouse & Grange

2012  Denny

McKerrow  Fours    

Again cancelled for 2021 due to COVID 19


Recent winners:

2019  Cancelled 

2018   Goldenacre

2017   Kirkcaldy

2016  Willowbrae

2015  Gorgie Mills 

2014  Whitehouse & Grange

2013  Whitehouse & Grange

2012  Blackhall 

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