Our project to widen the gate access has now been completed. It looks very smart with a finger-tip push all that is required to open the gate now that new hinges have been fitted. Grateful to our main contractor James Leslie of Moncrieff Roofing and to Walter Turnbull (who did the stone work) and Eric Lahmert (who did the metal work).

Also grateful for part-financial support from Viridor Credits and our sponsor Rifkind & Brophy for enabling us to finance the project.

Clubhouse closed

Due to COVID restriction, we are legally obliged to keep our bar and clubhouse closed until further notice. The means that it is highly unlikely that we shall see any of the usual Members’ social winter events. We hope for better news soon.


Saturday 26th September – Rhona & Bill Stephen fought their way back from 10-1 down to win an epic duel with Ivana Adamson & Stephen Fox to win this year’s Mixed Pairs Competition by 19 shots to 13.

New Sponsor – James Richie Clockmakers

Our latest sponsor is the long-standing Edinburgh firm of James Ritchie Clockmakers.

James Ritchie opened for business in 1809in Leith. where they developed as leading clock and watchmakers in Edinburgh, famously pioneering electrical horology and collaborating with Alexander Bain and astronomer royal Charles Piazzi Smyth in creating the mechanisms for the one o’clock gun and time ball on Calton Hill.  In1872 (the same year that W&G was founded) James Ritchie improved the Bain’s system of sympathetic pendulums. By means of contacts, fitted to the pendulum of the master clock, the coil of the secondary pendulum is energized at each swing keeping it in absolute step with the master clock. Today they act as specialists in the restoration, conservation and repair of antique clocks.

It is a James Ritchie electric clocks that marks time whilst we play on our Green.

They are offering W&G  members a 50% reduction on replacement watch batteries from their Gilmerton workshop  at 151b The Old Byre, The Drum, EH17 8RX  Telephone :   0131-556 1420

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