W&G Gentlemen’s competitions


Club Competitions


2021  internal competition Winners

GENTS  CHAMPION  Ross Maguire Gents Championship 2021

GENTS SENIOR CHAMPIONSHIP Ross Maguire Gents Senior Championship 2021

GENTS TWO BOWL  John Cameron  Gents two bowl 2021

PRESIDENT HANDICAP  Ross Maguire   s Gents President’s Handicap 2021

DRAWN PAIRS.  Ross Maguire & Nigel Esdaile  see Draw Gents drawn pairs 2021

SENIOR PAIRS  John Cameron and Martin Macdonald

Reid trophy ( Monday night hat nights) Stephen Fox

NOMINATED PAIRS  not contested


Edinburgh Bowling Association Competitions:

Triples  (12 men) Wednesday evenings  -now concluded for the season

In the knock outs our Triples team of John Cameron, Malcolm Weir and John Wright did well to reach the semi- finals where they were very narrowly beaten by Parkside

The Club selection committee is Malcom Weir, Mike Marshall and John Cameron

Recent Past winners 

Club Championship 

2018: Malcom Weir 

2019: Steven Kirk

2020 Malcolm Weir    

Two Bowl 

2018: Malcom Weir

2019: Steven Kirk

2020 not contested

Nominated Pairs

2018: Malcom Weir & Fraser Milligan

2019: Malcom Weir & Fraser Milligan

2020: Malcom Weir & Fraser Milligan

Nominated Triples

2018 : Steven Kirk, John Wood & Charlie Scott

2019: Steven Kirk, Malcom Weir & Fraser Milligan

2020 not contested

Senior Club Championship

2018: Douglas Evans

2019: Ross Maguire

2020 not contested

Club Pairs

2018: Martin Macdonald & Roger Macklin

2019 :John Cameron & Ross Maguire

2020: Nigel Esdaile & Len Wright

Senior Pairs

2018 : John Cameron & Graham Bathgate

2019: David Hudson & Ross Maguire

2020:Not contested

President’s Handicap

2018: Nigel Easdaile

2019: Fraser Miligan

2020 not contested


2018: John Cameron

2019: – not contested 

2020: – not contested 

Reid Trophy

2018:Douglas Evans

2019:Martin Macdonald

2020 not contested 

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