W&G Gentlemen’s competitions


Competitions  for 2020 suspended

W&G  GENTLEMEN’s COMPETITIONS                  

Club Championship  2018 winner: Malcom Weir 

2019 winner: Steven Kirk                               

Two Bowl  2018 winner: Malcom Weir

2019 winner Steven Kirk

Nominated Pairs 2018 winners: Malcom Weir & Fraser Milligan

2019 winners: Malcom Weir & Fraser Milligan

Nominated Triples 2018 winner: Steven Kirk, John Wood & Charlie Scott

2019 winners: Steven Kirk, Malcom Weir & Fraser Milligan

Senior Club Championship 2018 winner:Douglas Evans

2019 winner:Ross Maguire

Club Pairs


2018 winners:Martin Macdonald & Roger Macklin

2019 winners:John Cameron & Ross Maguire

Senior Pairs 2018 winners:John Cameron & Graham Bathgate

2019 winners: David Hudson & Ross Maguire

President’s Handicap 2018 winner:Nigel Easdaile

2019 winner: Fraser Miligan

Plate 2018 winner: John Cameron

2019 – not contested 

Reid Trophy 2018 winner:Douglas Evans

2019 winner:Martin Macdonald 

The Edinburgh Bowling League matches  for  2020 are scheduled for  every Wednesday evening   May  to August 2020. W&G will play  in the 5th Division W&G needs commitment of 16 persons each week. Fixtures list to follow when scheduled  by EBL

Team selections will be posted on the noticeboards. Please help the selectors by making sure your availability for league matches is kept up-to-date on the availability schedules posted on the noticeboards.


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