W&G Gentlemen’s competitions


Gents Hat nights have resumed on Monday evening until the end of the season

If your showing any COVID 19 symptoms or if you are self-isolating  do not attend the Club

 Please keep your distance from other members: observing two metres so far as possible

One person at a time in toilets

One person at a time in the changing room


Sanitise your hands at the dispenser as you arrive.

In compliance with track & trace, names by 6.30pm on sheet.  As members turn up, they will be allocated a rink and can start immediately.  Douglas Evans and John Holborn will co-ordinate

Only One person at a time to enter the changing room to take bowls and shoes. Change outside

Use the near steps at changing room to access the green, to leave the green use the far away steps

Play as drawn pairs- two bowls each 10 ends -burnt ends count

Skip sets jack at each end. Leads to position mats set at any (long, medium or short)

No touching other bowls with your hands

Measure can be done with care

Leads sanitise mats and jacks at end of game.

When finished change outside, put your bowls and shoes away, sanitise your hands and go to the bar in an orderly fashion

In the bar, sit within your rink on your allocated table. Do not go to the bar. Wait to be served.

You can pay with cash but we now have a Sum-up card reader which accepts all  credit, debit cards and also Apple Pay


This year our  competitions  have been restricted  to the three following competitions  with some modification to the usual rules to respect social distancing 

 ( click on competition link below  to see updated draws)

Gents Championship 2020

Champion for 2020  Malcolm  Weir    Runner – up Steven Kirk 

Gents Nominated Pairs 2020

Winners for 2020 Fraser Milligan & Malcolm Weir Runners- up Stephen Fox & Guy Lloyd Jones 



Winners  for 2020 Nigel Esdaile  & Len Wright  Runners- up: Bruce Laidlaw & Chris Drury


Recent Past winners 

Club Championship  2018: Malcom Weir 

2019: Steven Kirk                               

Two Bowl  2018: Malcom Weir

2019: Steven Kirk

Nominated Pairs 2018: Malcom Weir & Fraser Milligan

2019: Malcom Weir & Fraser Milligan

Nominated Triples 2018 : Steven Kirk, John Wood & Charlie Scott

2019: Steven Kirk, Malcom Weir & Fraser Milligan

Senior Club Championship 2018: Douglas Evans

2019: Ross Maguire

Club Pairs 2018: Martin Macdonald & Roger Macklin

2019 :John Cameron & Ross Maguire

Senior Pairs 2018 : John Cameron & Graham Bathgate

2019: David Hudson & Ross Maguire

President’s Handicap 2018: Nigel Easdaile

2019: Fraser Miligan

Plate 2018: John Cameron

2019: – not contested 

Reid Trophy 2018:Douglas Evans

2019:Martin Macdonald 

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