Gents’ EBA League matches 2021

We have entered the Triples League to be run by the newly constituted Edinburgh Bowling Association on Wednesday evenings starting  19th May. This year it is arranged geographically to reduce travel across Edinburgh in 10 leagues of 6 Clubs with the ten winners + the best six runners up proceeding to a knock-out stage

The rules for the league games are as follows 3 bowl 15 ends. All games will be played the home clubs green as per fixtures

In addition we are entered in the Set Singles and Aussie Pairs

The Set Singles rules will be 4 bowls 9 ends best of three sets. If after two sets the game is tied you will then play a 3 end tie break to determind the winner.

The Aussie Pairs rules will be 4 bowls 15 ends. The lead will play two bowls first. Then the skip will play his 4 bowls and the lead will play the last two bowls. Players will alternate positions each end.

The Club selection committee is Malcom Weir, Mike Marshall and John Cameron

Our league fixtures are as follows :

Wed 19th v Mayfield  (Home)  Result: Mayfield 7 points (64 shots) W&G 2 points (39 shots)
Wed 26th v Liberton  (Home)Result: Liberton 6 points(64 shots) W&G 3 points (49shots)
Wed 2nd v Braid (Away) Result: W&G 6 points (59 shots) Braid 3 points (58 shots)
Wed 9th v Lutton Place (Home) Result: W&G 4.5 points (62 shots) Lutton Place 4.5 points (62 shots)
Wed 16th v Parkside (Home)
Wed 23rd v Mayfield  (Away)
Wed 30th v Liberton  (Away)
Wed 7thv Braid (Home)
Wed 14th v Lutton Place  (Away)
Wed 21st v  Parkside (Away)

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