Gents EBL League matches

cropped-Edinburgh_Web_Banner_250First XVI Men’s league matches for season 2019 commence on Wednesday 2nd May 2019 and run every Wednesday until 1st August 2019. This requires us to field 16 gentlemen for each match.

1st May MERCHISTON    Result: Tie  points 4.5-4.5 shots 52-52 Home
8th May DUDLEY              Result: Lost points 2-7 shots 49-92 Away
15th May TRINITY              Result: Win  points 8-1 shots 64-50 Away
22nd May CURRIE                Result: Lost Points 0-9 shots 45-85   Home
29th May LONDON ROAD FOUNDRY Result: Lost 0-9 shots 42-101 Away
10th June JUNIPER GREEN Result: Lost Points 2-7 shots 63-78 Home
12th June GORGIE MILLS   Result:Lost Points 0-9 shots 36.5-89 Away
19th June MERCHISTION   Result: lost 0-9 shots 50-80 Away
26th June DUDLEY               Result: Lost 0-9 shots52-76 Home
3rd  July TRINITY               Result: Win: 7-2 shots 69-49 Home
10th July CURRIE                  Result: Lost 0-9 Shots 37-94 Away
17th July LONDON ROAD FOUNDRY Result Lost 2-7 Shots 56-72 Home
31s tJuly JUNIPER GREEN Result: Lost 1-8 Away
7th August GORGIE MILLS. Result: Lost 0-9 shots 37-57 Home


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