Bowls Scotland Competitions

The draws and progress in Bowls  Scotland competitions can be found on the Balerno Bowling Club website 

The first round draws for Whitehouse  and Grange  is as follows:


Singles Tue 21st May 18:45 v Carrick Knowe at Liberton
Pairs Tue 14th May 18:45 v Luton Place at Sighthill
Triples TUe 28th May 18:45 v Carrick Knowe at baffled
Fours Tue 28th May 18:45 v Coliinton at Coltbridge
Senior Singles Mon20th May 14:00 v Currie at Merchiston
Senior Fours Mon13th May 14:00 v Gorgie Mills at Liberton
Mixed pairs Sun 19th May 18:00 v Carrick Knowe at Mayfield

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